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I've been living in a van and on a sailboat since 2016, and have discovered many secrets and tips about nomadic living, making an income on the road, finding free campsites, getting mail....and more!

Seriously, ask me anything. No topic- including toilets - is too gross! 😉

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Stop searching YouTube, Instagram or Google with your questions and coming up with confusing, conflicting results about the nomadic lifestyle. Gain clarity through a 1-1 virtual consulting session with me, someone who has lived on a sailboat and in a campervan since 2016

Go deep into your specific questions for a day (without the pressure of cramming everything into a 1 hour call).

Get unstuck and start planning with actionable advice and tips about nomadic living, whether you need help choosing a campervan or finding remote work

That’s exactly what you get when you book a Q+A Day with me!

Here's what I can help you with:

Van Life Advice and Tips

I got my first van in 2018, a Chevy Astro, and my second van in 2021, a Mercedes Sprinter van. I can answer your questions about choosing a van, DIY vs custom builds, conversion kits, systems to install, gear you might need, and more.

I can also answer questions about adjusting to van life both emotionally and physically, and what to expect when you start your journey.

Creating a Remote Income with Profitable Blogging

I started my website, The Wayward Home, back in 2018 and have grown it to a six-figure online business. I can answer any questions you might have about choosing a niche, driving traffic, writing blog posts...and more!

The Nuts + Bolts of Nomadic Living

I can answer questions about finding free campsites, finding water, where to go to the bathroom and shower, how to find community, essential gear for overlanding, and more!

Also, tips on getting mail on the road, health insurance, and insuring your vehicle.

Intro to the Sailboat Lifestyle

I can answer questions about life aboard, sailing in San Francisco and traveling down to Baja in our sailboat. I am NOT an expert in choosing a sailboat or sailboat systems.

So, how exactly does this 1-1 virtual Q&A day work?

Your Q+A Day happens via voice messages and texts. We’ll connect on Voxer or Instagram DMs — whichever you prefer. If you haven't heard of Voxer yet - it's a walkie-talkie style app that's super easy to use. You can type out questions or record short voice memos, and I will do the same as we work through questions and concerns throughout the day.

During a Q+A Day, we’ll be in touch over Voxer/IG to dive deep into whatever questions or concerns you might have about nomadic living. 

Here’s how the Day works:

#1 Pick a day that works for you!

After you sign up, I'll send you a calendar where you can choose a day for our 1-1 virtual coaching session. Don't worry, you won't have to rearrange your whole schedule. All you need is to carve out a little 'you-time' in between your daily escapades for some attentive listening and thoughtful responses.

Remember, this is a time for exploration, so feel free to pen down your thoughts or take a breather if you need to. Who knows, you might even find a golden idea you'd want to spring into action during our little chats!

#2 We'll Kick Things Off with a Friendly Hello! 👋

Before your special day, we'll become buddies on the app of your choice. Feel free to drop me a line whenever you like, letting me know about any roadblocks you're facing or questions popping up in your mind. This way, we can hit the ground running when your day comes around.

#3 Your Q+A Day: Full-Day Access (9 am to 1 pm Mountain Time)

Relax, you're not glued to your phone for 4 hours nor are you playing a waiting game for replies. Instead, we'll be casually exchanging messages at a pace that feels comfortable and easygoing.

The magic of a Q+A Day lies in flexible communication. We've got plenty of time to contemplate, brainstorm, and even initiate new actions in between our chats.

These days are far more fruitful than a rushed 60-minute call. Our conversation can dive deeper, explore different angles, and there’s no immediate pressure to respond. That's why these days are not just effective, but also a lot more enjoyable!

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Kristin of The Wayward Home, and I've been living in a campervan and on a sailboat since 2016. Before becoming a full-time blogger, I was a news reporter for 15 years in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.

My goal is to help people like YOU achieve their nomadic living dreams. I love giving helpful, comprehensive and thoughtful information so you can make the best decisions for your lifestyle and goals.

As someone who went from apartment life to nomadic living, I know how difficult the transition can be. From downsizing, to choosing and affording the right rig, to getting used to a life of constant movement, I've been there, done that.

I'm really excited and passionate to help you out!

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Have Questions? I Have Answers!

How many responses can I expect from you?

This is a relaxed, low-key approach to online coaching where neither of us are expected to be instantaneously responding and texting new questions and answers.

I'll be responding via written and voice memos throughout my work day, so I'll also be on my computer and living the van life while we communicate. This might mean that some of my responses are delayed, and yours can be, too!

Who is this Q&A day for?

ANYONE who has questions about nomadic living, whether you are currently living alternatively or still in the planning stages.

I can answer questions about van life, sailboat living, profitable blogging and nomadic living in general.

Can you help me choose an RV?

As I haven't lived in an RV before, I am not the best candidate to answer detailed questions about the RVing lifestyle. I can point you to general articles and interviews I have done, or my RVing writer has done, about the topic, but I can't go in-depth about all the various RVing models.

What's the time commitment?

You'll have access to me for an ENTIRE DAY, so from 9am-5pm Pacific Time. Keep in mind that in between answering your questions, I will also be living my life out of a campervan, which means I might not get back to you immediately.

This is the point of a Q&A day, though. It's a relaxed, leisurely way to get your questions answered, and I'll do the best I can to get back to you in a timely manner.

What is Voxer?

Voxer is a walkie-takkie app that's REALLY easy to use! Feel free to download the app onto your phone or simply use its web version on your computer. Once your booking is confirmed, I'll guide you through the steps to connect with me on the app, ensuring we're all set for your big day.

Not a Voxer fan? No problem at all! We can conveniently move our Q+A Day to Instagram DMs. When booking, you have the freedom to select the platform that you're most comfortable with. We're here to accommodate you!

What if we're in different time zones?

I'll be available 9-1pm MST on our Q&A day, which should be able to accomodate most time zones!

Do I have to be available all day?

Nope, this isn't a 4-hour phone call! Think of it more like sending texts messages and voice memos to a friend. I'll be available during our time frame and we'll casually message back and forth.

What if I need to reschedule?

If you need to reschedule, that's fine! Just please email me kristin@thewaywardhome on the day before our meeting (or sooner!) so I can plan accordingly.

Have more questions?? Send me an email:

Ready to get un-stuck?

I am so excited to work with you!

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